Using Web Requests - Repeater 2nd Flag

No matter what I do there is no Second Flag on Page 7 of Using Web Proxies Module - Repeating Requests. The only flag.txt file on the spawned machine has the previous sections 1st flag which is HTB{1n73rc3p73d_1n_7h3_m1ddl3}. I have completed every other part of this module. The hint says its in a different directory. I have searched everywhere and cannot find it. If it is in the public directory… I am not able to access it. Can you please help me?

Same here. I’ve listed all the files and there’s nothing that looks like it could contain a flag, based on name or size.

You can use ip=;find / -name flag.txt; to find another file which contains the second flag~

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try ip=;cat+/flag.txt;

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how did you figure this out?

is there a place i can go to find a list of cmd injections. Also how did you figure this out