Use of Hydra

I want to check if my syntax for Hydra is correct for the Lernaen challenge.
It seems to be running ok, but hasn’t come up with anything so I just want to be sure it is actually working right!

hydra -l "" -P /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt http-post://"/password=^PASS^:Invalid password!"

What output are you given?

@Skunkfoot said:

This is a good source although it can be a bit jumbled. The main points to take away are:

  1. Hydra assumes default port, unless explicitly specified… how do you specify specific… argumemts… to a script?
  2. What do server IP’s translate to / from? Do we have to find our server’s IP address or could we simply use info already supplied to us?
  3. Books always have been good for knowledge but I’ve never been one to read a dictionary. :sweat:
  4. Hey man, don’t be afraid to ask for -h elp

@XXXXXian said:

@Skunkfoot said:

  1. Hydra assumes default port, unless explicitly specified…

I think this might be where he’s running into issues. As far as I know, Hydra looks for 3 sets of information separated by colons: username/list, password/list, and failure message. Hydra might be confusing your port specification because you’re using a colon in the url. Try running hydra --help for proper syntax. Also, your specification for a POST form is off, check the link for an example.

Challenged solved. Cheers dudes

could someone help me with sorting out hydra? i can only get 1 try per task per minute. i tried medusa since my hydra seems to be bitchy but medusa craps out on me with a sigsegv on bigger wordlists, so that’s unacceptable. FYI my connection is good enough, never had any problems, it’s just hydra not working properly. help please!