Unable to run commands on starting point machine

While this is an EXTREMELY common, I am having issues with the starting point machine.

The machine successfully connects and I get the “Initialization Sequence Completed” but I am unable to run commands, I type them in, hit enter and nothing happens. I have tried ping, ifconfig, ls, pwd, everything. Nothing runs, no errors, no indication that it even received my commands. it just sits there doing nothing until I ctrl+c out of the connection.

I am on a Kali Linux 2020 VirtualBox Image, network set as a bridged connection
I have updated the image,
I am in the same folder as the .opvn file
I am running on root

What I’ve tried:
re-issuing the connection pack
updating, upgrading and everything inbetween

Please help!

Edit: I would like to mention I can see that my server does show connected in my profile