Unable to ping my VM from HTB machine

Hello there,
I recently reinstalled everything on my computer, and I’m now running Parrot OS in VirtualBox, with the host running on Debian 10.

My VM network was by default set on NAT, so in order to reach let’s say Tabby, I had to openvpn on both my host and my guest. That worked fine, the problem was that when I uploaded a file on the machine that was supposed to ping my VM, the packets wouldn’t go through. If I ping my host, tcpdump shows me it receives packets, but if I use my VM IP, nothing appears on my screen.

So i changed my network config to Bridged, and now it’s even worse. I do have access to the Internet, I can use Google and stuff, but I just can’t reach HTB network, although openvpn seems to work fine since it tells me “Initialization Sequence Completed”.

Any idea what’s wrong here ?

Hard to say what’s wrong, given the many things that could be wrong.

This is not an answer to your question, but it is a working alternative: it’s worth buying a USB network card. Certainly if you want to proceed into network pentesting, having a physical card available in your VM has quite some advantages.

If you want to keep the price low, you can find fairly decent card (capable of monitor mode in packet injection) from around 10dollar, shipping included, so it doesn’t have to be expensive.
It’s always worth investing in a decent alpha card, but that depends on the budget and needs you have I suppose.

Hope you can fix the problem either way!

I never thought of that, that might be something to consider for the future, thanks :slight_smile:

Concerning my issue, what’s weird is that a few weeks ago I was using Kali instead of Parrot and everything was fine :confused: I don’t even remember myself setting the network to bridged.
The main difference I could think of is that I used a Kali ISO, whereas with Parrot I went for the OVA. Do you think that could have an impact ?

Edit :
Well, I don’t know what happened but it suddenly worked again… I kept losing connection every three or four minutes though.