Unable to connect to openvpn starting point

Hi all, I’m new here and I’m sorry but I’m not even able to connect with OpenVPN on the starting point. I looked over the net on many threads, and I guess that using Kali Linux through windows 10 (Windows sub-systems for Linux) might be the cause. The error I’m currently having is either : - cannot open tun/tap dev /dev/net/tun no such file or directory (errno=2) Or (following some dev threads, I created a dir and a node), I’m having : - cannot open tun/tap dev /dev/net/tun: no such device (errno=19) Do you have any ideas ?

Hi all, any news ?

Ok so I finally figured out how to handle this point. For those who would have the same issue than me, here is the solution : https://korben.info/installer-wsl2-windows-linux.html I’m not a expert, but it seems to be linked with the version of WSL you’re using, and using Linux for windows, you should do what’s needed to have WSL version 2. Once done, you then launch your sudo openvpn cmd and it’s working. Have fun.

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