Unable to Change Hack The Box Username

I am encountering difficulties changing my username on Hack The Box (HTB) platform. Despite following the prescribed steps and waiting for the stipulated 30-day time period, the username change does not seem to take effect.

Steps Taken:

  1. Accessing Profile Settings: I navigate to my profile settings on the Hack The Box platform.
  2. Initiating Username Change: Within the profile settings, I locate the option to change my username and proceed to input the desired new username.
  3. Confirmation and Submission: After entering the new username, I confirm the change and submit the form as instructed.
  4. Successful Confirmation Message: Upon submission, a confirmation message is displayed, indicating that the profile has been updated successfully.
  5. Lack of Applied Changes: However, upon revisiting my profile or logging out and logging back in, the new username does not reflect. Despite the confirmation message, the username remains unchanged.

Troubleshooting Steps Undertaken:

1.Multiple Attempts: I have attempted to change my username multiple times, following the same procedure, but encountered the same outcome each time.
2. Waiting Period: I have ensured to wait for the recommended 30-day time period between username changes, adhering to the platform’s guidelines.

Expected Outcome:

I expect that upon receiving a successful confirmation message indicating that my profile has been updated, the new username should be applied and visible within my profile settings and across the platform.

Actual Outcome:
Despite receiving the confirmation message, the username remains unchanged, persisting with the previously assigned username.

Request for Assistance:

I kindly request the support team’s intervention to investigate and resolve this issue promptly. It is essential for me to be able to update my username to ensure consistency and accuracy across the platform.