I am new to htb i started enumerating the travel box and i found 443 is open and there were no directories which are useful in travel box.Can anyone help me with that.Pm me .

Have a look at the already existing thread, here: Travel - Machines - Hack The Box :: Forums
It might be a treasure trove of useful information :wink:

Don’t let Travel be your first machine. Great box but has the tendency to demotivate after some days of work :wink:

@sandeysh, @HomeSen is correct that you’ll get a better response if you use the already existing thread for this box.

I also totally agree with @SaThaRiel74 - this is not a good box to pick as a first machine. The initial foothold is fiendishly difficult.

If you are new to CTF boxes I’d strongly suggest you start with the Starting Point boxes. Otherwise, it is definitely worth trying a couple of the easy boxes just to get a feel for the general flow on HTB.