This question is HARD

Hello Guys and Girls

I’m new here and also in cybersecurity, I recently tried to learn digital forensics and the first question is so difficult, like, I can’t solve this, I’m trying a lot of things like ssh, nmap on two different IPs and even after I’m able to do the connection the password they gave is incorrect (or not) I don’t know. I’ve tried connecting to the website too but it gives me an error.

The question is:

target: 10,129,228,172
Life remaining: 84 minute(s)
RDP to with username “Administrator” and password “password”

  • 1 Visit the URL “” and log in using the credentials: admin/password. After logging in, click on the circular symbol adjacent to “Customer ID”. Subsequently, select the “Customer ID” displayed and click “Collected”. Start a new collection and gather artifacts labeled “Windows.KapeFiles.Targets” using the _SANS_Triage setting. Lastly, examine the collected artifacts and enter the scheduled task response name that starts with ‘A’ and ends with ‘g’ as yours.

Someone have an idea to solve this question? I have two virtual machines and in both the password is wrong.

You need to RDP into the machine with the given username and password. It will work. Following that, you have to open the URL on that machine.