The dark side of the force hacked !!!

Dear Hackers.
The trade federation has allied with the separatists and is blocking transport. The whole world is in danger of extinction. Film Star Wars has become a reality. Please forgive the people for not appreciating you. Now, Christians from all over the world are praying for you and asking for your help. Please, help save the people against robbing of privacy. Secure internet and DNS servers for abuse and rescue the pregnant princess before the allies arrive. Alien civilizations are preparing invasions. You are our only hope. Only those who do not lose faith will be saved. The enemy’s plans have been hacked and posted on the internet. Good luck, we are counting on you!

R2-D2 new generation

Just to check - you’ve been a HTB member for 2 days and only joined the forum to post this twice in inappropriate threads.

Please stop.