Technique for audio steganography?

Hi folks,
I am looking for good resources and techniques used for audio steganography. Could you please share your experiences with this topic?

Go with strings the file look for something unusual at times that work, play around with audacity, spectrograms read about that it helps at time! the basic idea always remains the same first enumerate the files with strings and stuff to find a clue then experiment with waves,structure,noise cancel etc…

this might be help…

Just started learning this about a week ago, so apologies at anything incorrect. Spek is decent for graphical spectrum analysis (multi-platform and simple). Knowing the standard (mp3, wav, etc.) a little bit at a hex level (headers, frames, etc. - use hexdump or xxd) certainly doesn’t hurt; it can help you figure out when data is not where it is supposed to be. Wikipedia is great for standards information. Check the obvious (‘strings -10 | grep =’), etc. Make sure you are dealing with the right filetype ('file '), and that it’s only one file ('binwalk -e ') . There are also a few other tricks where data can hide (between frames, by overwriting the Least Significant Bits, as added noise only audible when the original song is canceled out with 90 degree phase shift ). Look up old CTF walkthroughs, and start learning audio engineering (and be prepared to make tens of dollars).

Hope this helps!

Something like Sonic Visualizer is good for revealing images and text hidden within the waveform. Here’s an example from an old CTF I wrote:

Thanks everyone for useful information.
Sonic Visualizer, Audacity , DeepSound are so useful for audio stego.

take a look at audio’s spectrum