Team R41D3rS Recruiting

Team R41D3rS LFM

Hey everyone!
My name is PrivacyMonk3y and I'm searching for a few recruits to join.

Our team model is small & tighter, we only want 10-12 max members. We're very active in our Telegram group and are developing a group for the upcoming Hacking Battlegrounds.

R41D3rS members have a wide skill-sets. Some are info-sec professionals, programmers, those of us who are just curious and hungry for the hack/hunt!


  • Active
    If you're not active in chat or working with the team to improve you'll be removed

  • Hungry to learn
    We don't just own boxes. We want to learn why it worked and how to use it in the future.

  • Rank HACKER+
    Again, for the right people we will make exceptions

  • Telegram account

Interested in joining us?

PrivacyMonk3y or PaleBlueDot
We will review your profile and get back in touch asap.

Thank you and root on :wink: