TCP Three-way Handshake Ports

[UPDATE] - The issue has been resolved.
→ Thanks to onthesauce

Hello mates,

I am writing regarding the following module Intro to Network Traffic Analysis , i am stuck at the Interrogating Network Traffic With Capture and Display Filters section.

I found the lower and the higher port from the TCP Three-way Handshake
The lower port is for sure the HTTP port because it is also mention in the hint.
But when i type the ports it show that the answer is incorrect.

Also i am not sure how is the correct way to enter the answer:

Can you please help and give me some advice/tip what i am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


The correct way is just PORT1 PORT2

I guess it depends on how you are filtering the capture, but if you filter it right then it should be within the first 10 lines.

Thank you very much for the tip.
After filtering the capture in right way i was able to find the correct port.

Thanks again for the help :slightly_smiling_face: