Stuck on Optimum

Alright, so I’ve got access to Optimum but can’t figure out how to get privilege escalation. I know from what I’ve been reading that I need to pay attention to the architecture which is x64, I was told that there is an exploit but I have to edit it for the architecture [exploit is x86] and I don’t know what that means. Anyone able to help me by pointing me the right direction? [Please no answers that give it away]

This is not an easy machine. I figured my way in by building a same machine locally to test the priv escalation.

use the right x64 based architecture throughout your exploitation and you should be good to go. Including the meterpreter shell’s architecture.

Gah I thought it would be easy, I’m trying to hit the easy machines to start learning.

Look for changes to be made in the local privesc exploit to spawn a cmd at the place where you’re executing it and as far as architecture is concerned check your meterpreter.

wouldn’t it be nice if MSF had a seaerch capability to say type:exploit arch:x64…

@ddm3rr1tt It have. use suggestor

I’d post the exploit i’m trying to use @ddm3rr1tt as I believe its the correct one. i get “exploit completed successfully but no session spawned” and @escugs I don’t even know what this suggestor is… I am using x64

ms16-032 works on a 2 virtual core machine…but this isn’t the case…review all the local msxx-xxx exploits (privesc) there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do escalate…

this exploit requires some modification. Always read the code and see if it contains bad things and to understand what it is doing even if you dont understand everything