Stuck at starting point

I’ve followed along until I got the the ARCHETYPE/slq_scv@ -windows-auth command, but it keeps saying command not found.

I’ve tried the command python3 ARCHETYPE/slq_scv@ and it also gives command not found.

I tried locate and it tells me it’s in /usr/share/doc/python3-impacket/examples/ So I navigated to the folder and ran it anf got command not found.

I’ve even tried redownloading from GitHub, putting into Documents, and running the command from there, but it still gives me command not found.

Any ideas, because I’m stumped?

Nevermind, I fixed it by typing python3 /usr/share/doc/python3-impacket/examples/ ARCHETYPE/slq_scv@ I guess I should have tried that first…