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I have done enumeration, and I found an exploit, but I can’t find the exploit name. Can someone pm me and help me?


Raj Baweja

What do you mean you found the exploit but not the name? PM me the details.

Any thoughts on Priv Esc? i see the thing and know i have to use it, but not sure how…

Never mind…

gaaaah been banging my head against a brick wall for a while now and need a clue :frowning: enumerated to death (usual methods). There is a really obvious exploit that jumps out at you…I have tried this a number of different ways…sploit module, python scripts, manual exploit with no luck. Is this a major red herring?

I am in the same position atm, tried exploit but i won’t work and cannot find another attack vector.

I found a username and password, which supposed to login to management Web based GUI , but it doesn’t work and I have no clue what prevents my login! Please PM me if anyone get what I mean and wanna give some clue.

So Ive done enumeration and all the paths that i took ended up being deadends. Can I DM someone for some pointers.

Don’t overlook your enumeration… Sometimes I will overlook stuff that is right in front of me.

Still stuck despite a squllion wordlists thrown at it and reviewing contents of every page and contents and an nmap of every port. On the plus side I know a lot more about the Stratosphere :). Can someone provide a clue? Am I wasting my time with wordlists or trying to brute force a particular login?

same issue, use dirbuster, try to bruteforce login use default credential but still stuck ;(

i too am in the same boat as many of you, have nmap full, have gobusted etc. burp suited it and msfconsoled it, seen a few potential exploits tried msf exploit tried python scripts and a nmap scripts … none of them seem to work…

I feel i am missing something, is this one of those “specific” wordlists type of thing again?

you need more “action” gogogo

HelloWorld make some Action please :wink:

Spoiler Removed - Arrexel

can i have some hint for privs esc? Spoiler Removed - Arrexel

Spoiler Removed

@Elephant7oast said:
Am I wasting my time trying to bruteforce the login? I have tried almost everything, a small nudge would be great :]

lights camera ( .ACTION )

Hello! wanted to ask about the tomcat credentials.
I’ve exploited the thing and got RCE, but I have no way to scale to a full shell since the tomcat creds are not working, and they are from the conf file… :confused:

Am I missing something? Thanks

Can someone take pity on me and tell me what the heck I’m going wrong trying to get a shell