Stego challenges containing morse code


how do i read morse code out of pictures ? i am struggling to find any manual or scripted way to read morse code out of a picture because they make the dots and dashes with different lengths, i tried to stretch the dots and dashes into becoming a barcode but still it cant be read using any scanner. i tried cutting the dots and dashes with long lengths into normal lengths but still it doesn’t make any sense because it doesn’t follow the morse code table. Now im stuck at two stego challenges that i reached up to the morse code part and cant move forward.

if anyone knows anyway of approaching them or anyway of reading it or if it was actually something other than morse code and im looking in the wrong direction or if anyone has any hits on this matter please let me know

thanks in advance

Same with you. I try to learn python to read pixel from the image and transform to morse code. Anyone guide to easy one?.

Are those challenges HTP Stego Challenges? Cause I think none have morse code :wink: (but didn’t solve them all yet) missing a few

I got it!

Hey, I’ve just solved a challenge with a morse code using a simple online morse decoder