Starting Point: Vaccine - zip2john not found

Hello All,

I’m running into a bit of a problem here.
I’ve installed John The Ripper on my Ubuntu 20.04

When I navigate to the /run directory, zip2john is not there.
I see in .src that zip2john.c is there, but not in /run

I also noticed that in the official git for JTR, zip2john is missing from the /run dir.
I’ve tried a bunch of different things so far, and still can’t get zip2john properly installed on my box.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

An instruction to install John-the-Ripper in a snap on Ubuntu is in Github: GitHub - openwall/john-packages: Community packages of John the Ripper (a Docker image, a Flatpak, a Windows PortableApp, and Ubuntu SNAP packages)

The command to install as described:

snap install john-the-ripper

As described after installing the snap an alias for zip2john could be configured.

snap alias john-the-ripper.zip2john zip2john

(sudo or su could be needed.)

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Looks good xtal, thank you very much for now.
I’ll test it in a bit.