Starting Point SQL ERROR

I get an error each time I try to log in:

python3 “ARCHETYPE/sql_svc”@ -windows-auth
Impacket v0.9.22.dev1+20200520.120526.3f1e7ddd - Copyright 2020 SecureAuth Corporation

[*] Encryption required, switching to TLS
[-] [(‘SSL routines’, ‘state_machine’, ‘internal error’)]

Please help

Not sure if you are still having this issue, but I don’t believe you need the ‘python3’ at the start, I used sudo etc…

I’m just working through the box myself now and didn’t need it.

Spoiler Removed

■■■ really sorry, didn’t even know that was a spoiler. glad I managed to find the answer though :smile:

I really thought this was a bug due to the age of the machine and was just trying to help people out. Strange though that some people seem to get this error, others seem not to get the error and yet my solution for those who get the error is referred to as a spoiler.

This rabbit hole runs deep.

Right-click on the Microsoft SQL Server folder and select Properties. From the Properties window, navigate to the Security tab, and click on Edit. Repeat the process for the Administrator group and any other User/Group that will need access to the SQL Server database.
Rachel Gomez