Starting Point - Appointment tier 2

Task 4

What is the 2021 OWASP Top 10 classification for this vulnerability?

Task 4 Hint

It holds first place in the OWASP Top 10 2021 list of most commonly met web vulnerabilities. Use the complete classification name.

The answer is A03:2021 – Injection yet white spaces or not, its not taking it. Whats going on

EDIT: Waited 2 mins, and it worked. No clue lol

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i am stuck at starting points tier 1 , responder and three , let me know if you pass that , or find any solution , i tried almost everyting and didint work for me ,

I have the very same issue, it is just not taking it. Now it accepted the answer (with no spaces, whatsoever). Quite frustrating when you know it is correct in the first place :confused:

If you copy and paste from the OWASP Top10 site they use a double dash character on the classification page (%E2%80%93) and the flag is matching on a single dash (%2D) , type the answer in with a single - on your keyboard instead of copy paste and it will work.