Starting Poimt - Archetype: Submitting Flag Issue

Just to preempt any who might say I haven’t looked for this problem, I just want to say that I did do a 10 minute search (which is more than one should in an organized forum) and didn’t find anything that solved the problem for me.

With that said, here’s the problem: the flag I found (I used the walk-through of course) isn’t being accepted. I submit HTB{b…8} and get the reply “wrong flag submitted.”

This is obviously some kind of error that’s not on my end, so I just wanted to put this out there for one and hopefully get a reply back from someone stating why that is.

Thank you in advance.

Where you able to submit the flag in the end? :slight_smile:

Yes! I had the same confusion as the original author - turns out you need to submit the user flag first before the root flag. The user flag is achieved in the middle of the box, but the fact that both flags are submitted at the end threw me off.