SQL operators

For the questions on SQL operators " In the ‘titles’ table, what is the number of records WHERE the employee number is greater than 10000 OR their title does NOT contain ‘engineer’?" I have tried many things and have been stuck for days on this now, I feel like I am missing something very simple. Can someone point me to help? Thank you

can you post your query and your results?

SELECT * FROM titles WHERE emp_no > 10000 OR title != ‘Engineer’;
(all the table)
654 rows in set (0,118 sec)

I try this now
SELECT * FROM titles WHERE emp_no > 10000 AND title != ‘Engineer’ AND title != ‘Assistant Engineer’ AND title != ‘Senior Engineer’;
but nothing.

use another operator than != look in the explination for %

Is solved thanks

I could use a hand on this one as well. I did it before but took poor notes and now I cannot figure it out…