(Solved)Linux fundamental:Containerization. Solve problem with Docker containerization

I find this error when learning materials on the course: While immersing myself in the “Linux Fundamentals” course’s containerization and Docker module, I stumbled upon an error that many of us face. Imagine this:
chown: cannot access '/var/run/apache2': No such file or directory.

Unraveling the Error:
As I ventured into Docker through the “Linux Fundamentals” course, this error reared its head during container startup. After some investigation, I discovered that this error occurs because the /var/run/apache2 directory referenced in the Dockerfile doesn’t exist within the container environment. This discrepancy triggers the “No such file or directory” error, which can disrupt the setup and configuration of the Docker image.

An Attempted Solution:
Initially, I attempted to troubleshoot by modifying my Dockerfile. Following some online advice, I added a line to create the missing directory:


RUN mkdir -p /var/run/apache2

This approach made logical sense and was seemingly straightforward, but it didn’t entirely resolve the issue.

The Ultimate Solution:
Digging deeper into the problem, I realized that the error was occurring during the container’s initial setup phase, well before the chown command was executed. As it turned out, the issue wasn’t with the chown command itself, but rather with the sequence of instructions in the Dockerfile.

The Updated Dockerfile:
With newfound insight, I updated my Dockerfile to ensure that the /var/run/apache2 directory was created before attempting to change its ownership. Here’s the crucial part of the revised Dockerfile:


# Create the missing directory early in the Dockerfile
RUN mkdir -p /var/run/apache2

# Update the ownership and permissions
RUN chown -R docker-user:docker-user /var/run/apache2

By creating the directory early on in the Dockerfile, I successfully resolved the error. This approach allowed the chown command to operate without encountering a “No such file or directory” issue.


Encountering the "chown: cannot access '/var/run/apache2': No such file or directory" error in Docker was a valuable learning opportunity. By sharing my experience and the steps I took to troubleshoot and resolve the issue, I hope to help others navigate similar challenges more effectively.

If you’ve faced this error yourself, I encourage you to reevaluate your Dockerfile’s sequence of instructions and consider whether the missing directory might be the culprit. Remember, understanding the root cause is key to successful troubleshooting and resolution in the world of Docker.