Snake - How to add flag ?

This is an embarrassing question, but how do I add the flag ?

In the Snake Reversing-Challenge I’m pretty sure that I got both username and password. Let’s say username is X and password is Y
I then tried to add the flag like X:Y and HTB{X:Y} but without any luck.

Did I missed something here ?


Thanks :slight_smile: I found the password now :slight_smile:

i get the password and username but fail to add the flag using HTB{uname:pass} what was i missing here i get the goot job from the python file

I don’t think this is a spoiler because I don’t think it’s intentionally part of the challenge, but here is how to submit the flag for this one;

The actual password in the flag only uses the first bunch of characters from the password the .py script takes. I think it’s a mistake because the flag has } in it, but who knows.

I don’t have the exact # of characters because I was deleting them one by one and then the flag just submitted, so I’m not sure of exactly where it worked.

Just put HTB{user:thePWDYouHave} and start deleting characters from the right, trying to submit each time. I.E. HTB{user:thePWDYouH} would be the third attempt. After you delete quite a few, one will work.