Slow responses from machines - just me?

Hi - anyone else having slow responses from machines, to the point where its impossible to complete assessments/tasks? I’ve tried VPN’ing in, but I’ve also tried using the Pwnbox but still having issues. I usually try around the same time most nights, 8pm-11pm UK time. I’ve spoken to the staff but they don’t seem to believe there’s issues with these labs being over subscribed and I wondered whether this is just me or if anyone else is having the same issues as it’s pretty frustrating.

same things here. It will be good to share symptoms.
I can’t ping/scan machine even if VPN works

I’ve had the same issues whether I VPN in or use their pwnbox. For instance, I’m on the crackmapexec skills assessment atm. I have a fwd chisel tunnel setup, and am running cme using proxychains. You can issue the same cme command ten times and it will only give a valid response once. Also the tunnel randomly drops out, and the pivot target drops off the network as it stops responding to pings. It means an exercise that should take 30 mins takes a few days to complete and is pretty frustrating.

I haven’t experienced any issues that you do but at a bare minimum you want to do some extended pings and traceroutes.

Also capture your requests with wireshark and analyse them. If you are gettting high rtt and or tcp retransmissions, packet loss etc you have something to analyse and present back to htb.

Also try other servers in other geographical locations.

I also asked for help, but the staff’s responses were unconvincing. The problem seems to be related to the labs being overloaded due to the large number of users. This may cause slow performance and inability to complete tasks within the scheduled time. I wish administrators would take steps to improve system performance or increase system scalability so that users can use resources more efficiently and complete their tasks without delays.