Skills Assessment - File Upload Attacks

I stuck on the Skills Assessment - File Upload Attacks.
I don’t find the File Path. Please can someone help me?


I recommend using one of the methods they mentioned to grab the source code of the web functions/pages.

DM me if you need a bigger nudge!

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I can upload what I want, so far so good. Is there are possibility to get to the source code of the upload script? Doing everything blindly did not give me any result so far.

It is possible, in fact I would say it is crucial. Doing so uncovers important information surrounding the whole process.

I recommend going through the upload process a few times normally and observing how it works. I spent a few minutes just uploading legitimate files to see each step in the process. Although, it sounds like you have done so already. As always feel free to DM me.

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Can anyone help me? I am block.
I can’t find the file path. :confused:

Have you found a way to get the source code?