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Can anyone help out with the HTB Academy - Shells & Payloads, on the infiltrating Unix/Linux section. I’m trying to answer “Exploit the target and find the hostname of the router in the devicedetails directory at the root of the file system.”

I’ve gained access but can’t find details of the router anywhere. I’m assuming that I need to be in the /dev folder, although cannot find anything to do with the router. Am I missing something obvious, and do I need to escalate to root to find the answer?

Many thanks.

You should find a .txt file, that will let you know how to locate the name of the router.

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Thank you!

I used this command first to locate all the .txt files as indicated in the comment above, find / -type f -name “*.txt”. After that you will see a .txt file with proper instructions where to look next. I suggest using the same command but with different extension to obtain the router name. Feel free to PM me!

I just want to say, this question was a real curve ball. Thanks for the hint.

No problem! Glad it helped!

Hello. I ran your command but didn’t get the file with instructions on what do do next. Please help

Hello, sorry for not answering, what did you try so far?

I got a shell into the machine with msf but I’ve looked everywhere for a ‘devicedetails’ folder.
Can anyone shed some light?
I also ran the find command stated above and it came back with pages of files but nothing was standing out.

Thank you

I got it , the hint is in the question read carefully devicedetails directory …