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This is a little spoilery. Anyway, the problem here is that you are in FTP, not windows command prompt. You need get confidential.txt, which will download the file.

@Killuash said:

Today I wanted to make the machine “ServMon”,

@clubby789 has given you a good answer here, but in future you might get more response if you ask your question in the thread which already exists for the box: ServMon — Hack The Box :: Forums

wrong thread…

Type your comment> @7b0ne said:

Im stucked I guess… I am not able to make this shitty ++ client to execute my batch file for the privesc.

I managed to add the batch file via API but I does not execute… any little hint?

What a nightmare of machine, freezing every 30sec!!! is that on purpuse?

i have a problem, when i try to load my payload whith nsclient, it doesn’t work… nothing be back on my nc listening. i need this to escape privilege and to gain root access.
However, if i execute manualy the payload with my low privilege (Nadine), it is working… pLease help me
=>the payload is good also