See the flag after submitting machine flag

Hey guys,
I wonder if it’s possible to see the hash that I submitted in a while after submitting.
The reason is that I’ve submitted the flag for machines a while ago on another of my devices, and of course I didn’t save those hashes or write them down. Now I’d like to read some write-ups for those machines which I already owned and which require me to enter the root flag first (to prevent people from cheating), but since I don’t have it anymore, i can’t read them.

Is there any solution to this, or should I just go all the way and re-root the machine? :smiley:


I am interested too…of course i have my writeups and i can re-root everything, but for the sake of saving some time it could be useful to have the ability to recover them…


anything new on this topic? :smiley:

I guess this doesn’t make sense anymore, since they implemented flag rotation.