Secure Coding 101: Skill Assessment

I have a problem with the last question of the skill assessment.
I reversed the code to a readable and short version and I do input sanitation and all, like something like this:

// my clean code here

// validation 
if(inputs_are_ok) {

From the validator script I get the message that my code is not working because it is not calling the check method. But why should I call the check method if the input is bad? I would really like to get a nudge here.

Or maybe this has something to do with the second hint:

Note 2: Remember, it’s ok for passwords to have special characters, right?!

Thanks for any help!

Solved it: But really this second hint is of no help at all. Well I guess its just a never give up and try a lot of seemingly unrelated ideas :slight_smile:

Hi @discovolante,

I have the same problem, can you give me a hint how you did it?