Reverse engineering a drone's IP cam. stream

I’ve bought a cheap drone which has a 2 camera in it. And the drones camera connects with a app called WIFI UAV. The drone creates it’s own wifi ap and when ever any one tries to connect to it by sending a pacific header the drone sends video stream over UDP port 8800 and i’ve wrote a simple python script to get the data from the drone.

So, the drone sends exactly 1080 Bytes long data packets. And I’ve also decompiled the apk of WIFI UAV. I’ve found that the drone sends H.264 stream.

but after analyzing the packets that i got from my script and wireshark i can’t decode the data as a file. So, here is just one single packet of 1080 Bytes from the packet that drone sends.

PS: I’ve a very little knowledge about the video different video codec .


I am also working on reverse engineering the stream. I believe a code snippet from the picture is from the class: WiFi UAV_v2021.01.05.apk/ -, but could I also ask you to share your python script?

Thanks a lot!

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Have you found anything else ? I stopped working on the project and I don’t have the script rn.