Retro - Stegno

Greetings, I have been stuck since 2 days on Retro challenge from steg…
I have extracted the audio file from the image.
I have tried steghide, foremost, xxd, and hexdump on the audio file and got nothing…
I also tried online spectrum analyzer and nothing…

Please show me the right path =)

Hi, I am working on Retro too. I opened the audio file with Audacity. After the two tones there is something strange, worth looking deeper. I am stuck there.

Same here with the audio. I have a feeling I’m down the rabbit hole

The text file is confusing me. What did y’all make of it?


Think about data storage in the 80s…

I’m stuck too

I’m too… Got the files but I have no idea how to continue wie the audio file. I’m too young for this challenge… :anguished:

Hi, I’m stuck too apart from seeing a Manchester coding ! do we need a specific tool (other than audacity)?

Can anyone please help after extracting both the files for this challenge?

tried the storage devices for steghide in the audio. Still no clue. Any hint ?

Same here, I have the audio and text file, but I’m not sure what the next step is re: the audio. And I’m not sure how the .txt fits in.

Easy solved :cold_sweat:


Spoiler Removed - Arrexel

Currently, I’m aware of two ways to solve this:

  1. Follow the thematic clues. This is the most rewarding and (I imagine) the intended way to solve this problem since you’ll learn a few things.
  2. Analyze the basic data you normally collect when working on a steganography problem. Look for patterns or abnormalities. Trust your instincts and you’ll find the flag.

@decart said:
Think about data storage in the 80s…

Don’t bother looking for a clue better than this one

Hi !, i have the mp3 and the txt , i use sonic -vizualizer but nothing appears .I have some clues but maybe spoilers so if someone can PM me . Thanks

Any hints? I have the audio and text file. The audio seems like manchester coding but I have no idea what I should do. Any hints? Feel free to PM me.

Done! Oh man, does that take me back a few years. That was a really nice trip down memory lane.
Many is the time I spent sitting waiting for the damn thing to load only for it to barf at the last second. And then again there is the old “spinning on a pencil” just to get back to the start. Yes, definitely trip into my early teens.