Retired Machines Table of Services

Hi folks, does anyone know or have a list of all retired HTB boxes with a summary of ports/services/{vulnerabilities?} Although I enjoy the challenge or hacking a new box blind, more often lately I’m using HTB as a test and research resource to refine and streamline use of tools on systems with known compromises. E.g. I see a potential vulnerability on host I’m looking at, it’s good to have a known good example to compare to. I keep a playbook of tools and techniques including examples of where they have been succesful either professionally or in labs etc but that is limited to ones I’ve already seen. I’m looking for something along the lines of below (excuse the formatting): Host, Port, Service, Vulnerability, 445, SMB, MS08-067 I appreciate it’s not always so simple (multi-stage attacks, misconfigs etc and never mind HTTP but that would be a bonus if it’s CVE type) so even just a list of host, port, service would be great. I have this in some form from boxes I’ve hacked or at least scanned to date but find they get released/retired faster than I can keep up (props to HTB for that!). Thanks.