Resetting ServMon

Hey folks, I’ve tried to reset the ServMon box across two servers and although nobody cancels my request, it never completes. The box is super unstable and I’m pretty sure it needs to be reset in order for me to make any progress…anyone have any pointers?

I had the same issue and now I can’t reach any machine at all

So you haven’t been able to reset it via the website either?

Might be worth raising a JIRA ticket with HTB about this.

I looked at ServMon on EU VIP 25 yesterday and it worked fine, including a reset with no issues.

Ahh good call, I should have linked it. Already created a ticket, but hoping it gets resolved soon!

Issue appears resolved!

No I wasn’t for about an hour or so then, appears to be working now

Yeah my issue came back…I think this box is trolling me

Same thing is happening to me. Not sure why.