Replacement for Cookie Manager+

Good day everyone. I was following an IppSec walkthrough on YT and he used a tool called Cookie Manager+ which has been discontinued. Tried a few extensions and add-ons but none worked well, closest one would close itself when I navigated off browser.

Is there another tool that I can use readily within the browser?

Assuming you are using Firefox. Developer Tools → Storage → Cookies

Not GitHub - Rob--W/cookie-manager: Cookie Manager for Firefox (Desktop/Android), Chrome. Supports viewing and editing of cookies and private cookies. ? Because that was last updated a few months ago… I use the session rules and cookie jar in Burp though, it’s a lot more flexible, and I will always have it running when hacking web anyway.

Ahh… it would help if I would at least list the extension:


Which has been discontinued. However, I will look at Burp and see if I can find a tutorial on manipulating cookies/sessions.

Thanks to all that responded, very helpful.