Regarding the Invite Challenge

Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions regarding the implementation of the invite challenge.

How is it possible that whenever I invoke MakeInvite() or VerifyInvite() from the console, the respective POST request is not visible on the network log from Chrome dev-tools? Similarly, when trying to sign up with an invalid code, an AJAX request is fired but it’s not visible in the network log either.

Why is this the case? What is going on at the JavaScript level, so that the POST requests can be hidden/cleared?


Never mind, the endpoint /api/verify is never used.
Codes used for signup are send in the POST body to /invite.
That’s why no calls to /api/verify can be seen, because it’s not used.

How did you post here, if you don’t know how to make s simple POST request to web ?

That’s awesome arrived but not knowing how you arrived?