Rastalabs Scope

Can I please ask for clarification regarding scope?
I have an OpenVPN connection with an IPv4 in the subnet. I see one other IP on this range (the Gateway).
I see another range also with 1 IP address.
No ports open on any targets.
I do not see a scope anywhere but I do see that Phishing and Situational Awareness are required. Having done a few pen tests and a few red teams, this seems a little dangerous. What is the limit? Can I go find the lab producers and conduct surveillance on them to see where they live and work? Do I need to conduct humint on them and prehaps find them a bar to get them to divulge information? Perhaps an email address so that I can then phish them?

OR have a missed something?

I changed openvpn config file, re scanned and was able to find some open ports so I now have some information to go from.

Although I’m now content which direction I need to go in. I am directing myself from experience and not from ROE or scope.

Are there any ROE’s which stop someone from taking this red team into real life?
How does someone know what is and isn’t allowed?
I don’t imagine anyone (not in prison) has ever done a red team without scope or ROE?

I would be interested to hear peoples thoughts? fire away …