Good luck everyone!!

I’m wondering what kind of exotic vulnerabilities you’ve prepared for us this time :wink:

I like them to be Esoteric this time ?

It’s like waiting for Santa Claus :wink:

nmap is giving me nothing…again. I am sure this is because the masses beat me too it
nm my phone said released i swear lol
@Linoge i said never mind brah **__. smh

catch up…

how can you nmap it if it was not released yet ???

Type your comment

From icmp_seq=9 Destination Host Unreachable
im waiting

Can’t wait, all the nmap commands are ready to go wild

This is my first time aiming for bloods, good luck everybody !!

Goodluck everybody :slight_smile:

whole lot of f*** and nothing so far ;^D

yeah same as me just one port open
the others are closed or filtred

any hint ?
lol from the very first beginning

Is the “mobile app” an important hint to access the portal or a rabbit hole?

some interesting headers, but no idea how to utilize them

people are scanning the sht out of this rn

Probably another box with no starting hints from author.

Spoiler Removed

Did somebody managed to log in?

anyone working on e*****e?