Problems in the SQL Injection Fundamentals Module

In this module I have to use mysql to connect to a remote machine and see the contents of the database. However, I can’t use mysql because there is only a package named mysql_config, which does not seem to be useful in my case. Does someone know something about this?

obs. I tried to install mysql, but failed.

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Why did you fail? Since it is parrotOS you might want to try mariadb instead. For fundamentals you needs package mariadb-client:

sudo apt install mariadb-client

if you still have issues try to clean whatever mess apt might have left behind while trying to install something by:

sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt clean all
sudo apt update
sudo apt install mariadb-client

Let me know if it helped you!

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Thank you very much. The package name for MySQL in Parrot is mariadb, and I did not know this. So instead of using the command mysql, I ran mariadb and it worked.