Problem with nc reverse shell

Sorry if something really obvious, I might be just too tired to spot what went wrong.
I started a nc a listener as I usually do with nc -lvnp , and did the reverse shell.
The prompt is immediately returned, no matter how I initiate the reverse shell.
For troubleshooting, I did the same rev shell locally from my own machine with bash -i […], using the same interface as I do with my target machine, so not the loopback one.
The reverse shell is not disconnected, but on the listener side, the prompt is returned again. However, if I do a Ctrl+C in my reverse shell, on the listening side, I can see the the prompt “loaded” again, and in the prompt where the last exit code is displayed, I can see the error code (from Ctrl +C )
I’ve been using this machine for months now, and I have no idea what happened here.
If I do a Ctrl +C on the listener side, then on the rev it gets disconnected