Printnightmare (Active Directory Enumeration and Attacks)

Hi I’m going through the Bleeding Edge Vulnerabilities in the AD Enumeration and Attacks Module. I’ve started the Target Machine and connected to the parrot attack box but I’m unable to get the printnightmare exploit working as the DC won’t connect to the smbshare on the attack box (ERROR_BAD_NETPATH - The network path was not found), I’ve done this exploit a few times before and had no issues but I wanted to check if we are meant to be able use this exploit for the questions at the end or not? Thanks

EDIT: Found Solution

  • Specify internal NICs IP address in smbserver command
    sudo -smb2support new_share_name /path/to/share -ip

  • msfvenom

  • msfconsole
    set LHOST