Powershell - Non-standard update service on host

I started HTB Academy a few weeks ago and started some of the Fundamentals Modules. In Windows Fundamentals, one of the questions there is to “Identify one of the Non-standard update service running on host”,but the module did not mention anything about a command line looking for it and I do not know what a non-standard update service is. From what I understand is that it’s something that didn’t come with the OS.

If someone can explain it to me further, that would be lovely.

Thank you

Is this any help?

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Is this any help?

Window non-standard application concept — Hack The Box :: Forums

I have a clearer understanding of it now, I will try it again. Thank you so much!

the answer is foxitreaderupdateservice.exe

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■■■! Thank you so much ScriptKiddy!!!