Poison write-up

Check out my writeup on Poison. Hope you guys like it!

Edit: Duh, VNCviewer on Kali not the Poison machine. Sorry.

Nice write-up. So did you actually ever get a reverse shell via the log poisoning? I got to the same point you show in your writeup - executing simple commands. I’d be interested to know which one-liner reverse shell worked, because all the ones I tried just messed up the logs, making them useless until wiped.

@NeilSec nc one liner should work

I’m really kind of salty about this one because i was just on the virge of getting root, and I put it down having grown tired only for it to be retired when I returned. But what really gets me is I was a single mistake away from solving it. Better luck next time. This is a good write up. I will be following your write ups in the future

Never give up at any point. Take break , think things out and come back :slight_smile: glad you liked them