Payloads without user interaction


I’m currently pentesting my own personal gateway, and I’m having a hard time finding payloads that don’t require user interaction to penetrate. How do you identify payloads that don’t require user interaction?

I am using msfvenom to generate payloads, and msfconsole for the handler.


Can you provide more detail’s ? The Network/Gateway/OS etc

I’m not sure the http site contains info on the OS and things like that. Xfinity rented SOHO gateway/router. OS running as scanned by nmap Service Info: OS: Linux; CPE: cpe:/o:linux:linux_kernel:5.4.155-prod-22.2

Open services running include https:443, http:80, domain:53, upnp:49152, and a bunch of other filtered services. It doesn’t seem to be purposely sending reset packets.

What else did you want to know about the gateway/network?z.

And yes, comcast has a bug bounty that includes their routers. Problem is I can’t upload anything to the gateway directly. Only thing I have access to is the http admin page, which is honestly quite limited.

The site itself uses jquery

The details here are limited, feel free to send a DM

When identifying payloads that don’t require user interaction for penetration testing, consider using payloads that exploit vulnerabilities without relying on user actions. Here are some suggestions:

  1. File Format Exploits: Craft payloads that target vulnerabilities in file formats (e.g., PDF, Office documents) where the mere opening of the file triggers the exploit.
  2. Browser Exploits: Look into payloads that exploit browser vulnerabilities without requiring user interaction. This might involve targeting outdated browser versions or specific plugins.
  3. Memory Corruption Exploits: Explore payloads that exploit memory corruption vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflows, where the execution occurs without user input.
  4. Network-based Exploits: Utilize payloads that target vulnerabilities in network services or protocols, allowing exploitation without direct user involvement.
  5. AutoPwn Techniques: Investigate AutoPwn capabilities within Metasploit that automate the exploitation process, often requiring minimal user interaction.

Remember, ethical hacking and penetration testing should only be performed on systems you own or have explicit permission to test. Always prioritize responsible and legal use of these tools.

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