Password Attacks Lab - Medium

logged onto the machine via smbclient.

got the and ran zip2john against, then JTR and got a password.

when i enter the password i get an error - how are you guys opening the document?

actually this can be easy completed with a bit of research. google decrypt office docs using john. you will learn a lot.

if you still stuck, let me know.

hey, i find in folder Dennis .ssh a id_rsa file. I use it like this:
ssh -i id_rsa root@IP

then it say “Enter passphrase for key ‘id_rsa’:” … what does this mean? i also generate a own key (see dennis bash history), but it doesn work too. If im on the right way, could you give me pls a hint?

after you get the id_rsa from dennis - run the john script to get the passphrase for it.

it was mentioned in the module - ssh2john