Password Attacks Lab - Hard

How did you mount it bro? I am not able to do it.
Can you help me?

Check the first article (from medium[dot]com) linked in the OP, or look for “mounting bitlocker vhd vhdx in linux medium”

I use linux on a VM, so I copied .vhd file to my windows host and… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

why did you crack the Admin password? You just just need to log in what you have with :wink:

it should work if you did that with mutated password list. the problem could be the file was modified in some way during transit i.e incomplete file transfer (a big problem you might find with this lab). make sure you got the same file by comparing the hashes on the target machine and in your box.

I get the password after cracking the Logins.kdbx file, but when I try to use this password with user david on smbclient, it doesn’t work
any help please ?

use runas command

I’m running into some issues with the lab getting disconnected. I start up CME to start getting the first user password and after about 10-15 tries it starts to timeout. Resetting the machine give me another 10-15 attempts but still yields same results. I changed my VPN connection but still no luck. Anyone else run into this?

I had this same issue. When transferring the kdbx file over the cli ftp client, apparently the file is treated as ASCII and it alters the hash. Evil-WINRM treats it as binary as it should so the hash is correct. It cracked in less than a minute after re-transferring the kdbx file over WinRM. Thank you for your insight into that. I was pulling my hair out.


see this , it helps me to download success
windows - smbclient alternative for large files - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

哇,谢谢 bro ,thanks a lot , love from China

I had the same problem and I used crowbar.

With the next command I could find the valid credentials to log in on RDP (Johanna)

./ -b rdp -s -u Johanna -C mut_password.list

I hope it is helpful to more people :smiley:

I had the same problem, only you should add flag -t (time to time out in seconds) In my case I’ve putted 1500. With this time the file will be download with out problems!