Password Attacks Lab - Hard

Hello, I am using this command "smbclient -U david \\x.x.x.x\david but no luck.
mind giving me some hints, please?

If you’re able to RDP using Johanna and have David’s credentials try changing the user within that RDP session(hint open cmd as another user). I hope this helps

Hello CrimsonTiger,
Thank you so much for the suggestion.
That was really good idea and I tried that but it seems my david’s password is wrong :sweat_smile:
I thought Logins.kdbx had given me david’s password.
now I am wondering what that string was?

That keepass file does give you the password to David, not sure if you opened it with keepass or something else that may have given you a different password

DM me the password and I can tell you if it’s right or not

Hello CrimsonTiger,

Thank you very much.
You made my week!!

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I got the johannas password and was able to connect with rdp now how do i transfer the l****.k*** to my linux to use john and crack the file

I used evil-winrm to download the keepass file (C:\Users\johanna\Documents\Logins.kdbx /home/kali/Desktop), but nothing causes it to download and gives an error.