Osint - corporate recon - Impossible First Question on Location

Hi all, I am having a SUPER hard time with something I believe simply is not working… but I am reassured by the support is technically feasible… so looking for some input by the community.
I am doing the OSINT - Corporate Recon questions, and I am faced with this question:
What are the city's coordinates where one of the company's offices, "inlanefreight.com" has its headquarters in Germany? (format: 00.0000 N, 0.0000 E)
Now, I search for “inlanefreight Germany” and Google gives me ONE result, for a Transportation Ccompany in Frankenroda. The phone number matches with the one of the website of this assesment. So I Google “Frankenroda Germany coordinates” and I receive the following: 51.0951° N, 10.2759° E. I paste them without the ° that is not part of the format given by the exercise, and it doesn’t work. I am running this query with Germany as location in Google. I try to just copy-paste the big result that Google returns and the webpage kind of crashes as it doesn’t seem to accept the ° Symbol. (picture below shows Submit is kind of disabled).

So for me, this that is a super-straightforward question, is not working. I don’t think there is some secret sauce, as the other questions are really super easy and have more points. The exercise goes ahead also asking for offices in UK and USA, which I am not able to retrieve from Google. So I suspect that my Google is just not retrieving the same results, or the results expected are no longer current. But at the end I am left unable to progress there, which is disappointing. Anyone else is doing the same and is able to give me some directions?

Hi hey!

Did got the answer right?

Because i’m still stuck here and I copy same like you and nothing also I take off ° signal and also not works :frowning:

It’s a trap! Reread carefully which city is being asked for. DM me if necessary

i solved this with information about the hq from the webpage THEN went to google. hope that helps <3