Do we need to submit answer in any specific format for “What is the hosting provider for the inlanefreight.com domain?”

I have used below references:



I have looked at Reseller, Registrar, information and also I have visited the place where rivers ends. Any hint???

It’s solved. Thanks.

I’m also not finding the answer, I’m getting DigitaleOcean LLC but nothing seems to work. What did you get?

Just found it, they really be messing with my brain!!! DO-13…

Would love a nudge on this… I am at a total and absolute loss on this… Realized question says “What” not “Who”, but that puts me into an less of a clue… tried reading the “hint” that’s provided, have poured thru with a fine tooth comb, but even more lost than when I first started comign up with the seemingly “right” (yet def wrong) answer. Please feel free to DM. Thanks.

@TheRealPatrick same I also stuck on the same section only. If you have found till now then nudge me on this

Need a nudge as well (not necessarily a nudge, but a point in direction as the HINT is not a hint)
The host provider is clearly digital oceans and it is incorrect.
Thanks in advance, and I had spend 3 hours on this one single question, which is extremely frustrating.