OSCP 5 look alike boxes

Hi there,

I am preparing for my OSCP Certification and I would like to kindly ask if someone can pinpoint 5 similar ΗΤΒ boxes that OSCP has, in order to do the exam simulation and work my timing.

Thanks in advance!

TJ_Null has a list of OSCP-Like boxes.
He updates it for a couple months.

Thank you @qwertty.

I am aware of that list, although I was looking for specific 5 boxes from HTB that correspond to the OSCP boxes.

Let’s say a BOF HTB machine (Sneaky), a 10 point HTB machine (Doctor), etc. More like 5 HTB machines matching the OSCP machine difficulty accordingly, in case that’s possible.

Otherwise I can randomly pick 5 machines and run my simulation.

I think it’s hard, if not impossible, to narrow down 5 HTB machines that would be similar to OSCP. OSCP covers a wide discipline of topics you need to know in order to do well, so finding only 5 machines to attack probably won’t be a good approach.

To make sure you have an all around knowledge base, I recommend doing all of the machines in TJ’s list. I think it would behoove you to do all of those rather than seeing JUST 5 to do that might be on the OSCP lab/exams.

hi @mav3n.

I have done the majority of them actually and I will finish the list soon.

Though just wanted to run a simulation of the exam, in order to work on timing and my processes.

I will probably just choose 5 of the list accordingly.

Sorry for not making it crystal clear from the beginning.

I did a simulation over 24 hours with 5 boxes from Proving Grounds Practice. They’re sorted by point values, 10, 20, and 25, and made by OffSec, whereas the HTB stuff is great but harder to equate to OSCP point levels.

Thnx @riceman.

I will do a 1-month subscription to run the 24h simulation. I will update the thread.

@tiger2 Best of luck! :slight_smile: