OpenSSH 8.2p1 - any known CVE ?

Could anyone tell me if there is any known vuln for OpenSSH 8.2p1 or similar?
I often find this version and nmap tells me like 20 Exploits, but none of them is “real” or useful (without any target information like PW/User combo).

By exploit I mean RCE or similar. DoS is not interesting in any case.

I searched the Internet for hours, but couldn’t find anything useful.
Therefor I think, there is none.

It would be useful if someone could confirm this to me.
Or give me a hint or explication on how I should look at OpenSSH to find something. Perhaps I just think in a wrong way there.
Any tips for other search possibilities would be great also.

Any kind of information that could help finding it :slight_smile: